The rest of the world is catching up to what Baltimore has known all along, Baltimore Club music is hot! Ultra Naté and Unruly Records bring the dynamic, up-tempo, energy-driven sound to the world stage. Bmore Club, which was pioneered by legendary DJ’s Scottie B and Shawn Caesar, has been an underground staple in Baltimore for years and seriously “bubbling” for the past 5 on the International mainstream.

The unique sound is a heavy bass, kick ass drum beat, and raw, sped-up Hip-Hop grooves. As Unruly’s Shawn Caesar puts it, “The sound itself is undeniable and it was inevitable that the world would catch on because once the music starts, the party is on.”

Unruly’s collaboration with Ultra Naté, Baltimore’s International sensation, was also inevitable. Ultra has been making an impact in the dance music scene since 1989 and has released 6 full length albums to date. Enjoying success with multiple 1′s in the Billboard Club Play Charts and international mainstream Top 40 over the years. Ultra’s last release was a double CD – “Alchemy: GST Reloaded” (BluFire/Tommy Boy/Silver Label), which featured hot remixes from her “Grime, Silk and Thunder” album and a live DJ mix spun by Ultra herself.

Ultra’s latest album “Things Happen At Night” (BluFire / Unruly) In this alliance with Unruly Records, Ultra is enjoying a new creative experimentation. As Ultra puts it, “Now we’re able to blend our brands as established entities in our particular genres.” As a highly sought after artist and DJ, dotting the globe from Russia to Brazil, Ultra Naté always heads back home and refreshes her resources by working with talented newcomers and veterans alike. Elaborating on this, Ultra says, “This project with Unruly and I is exciting because we grew up together. We were a part of different crews, but from the same party experience and influences. Now we’ve created this cool, in your face, fun project.” Their collaborations go even further as Ultra holds the monthly Deep Sugar parties at the Paradox in Baltimore with herself and Deep Sugar residents spinning deep house in the main room and Unruly jocks spinning Baltimore Club in “The Chamber” till the early morning hours.

As Baltimore Club becomes a trend to be reckoned with, Unruly are at the forefront perpetuating the movement. Unruly’s recent collaborations have included works with Kanye West, M.I.A., Lil John and Blaqstar. Revered and respected DJ’s and Producers have made their home at Unruly, including: “The Club Queen” K-Swift, DJ Quicksilva, DJ Jay Claxton, King-Tutt, Say-Wut, DJ Class (“I’m The ish”) and Chavy Boys of London. Unruly has a reputation for creating the latest and most pulse reverberating dance tracks, expanding their fan base beyond Baltimore, and receiving praise from fans all over the world. Even media giants like MTV, XXL, XLR8R Magazine, and recognize Unruly as “The Face” of club music. Hitmaker Tittsworth brings it to the light,”When it comes to club, it doesn’t get any bigger than Unruly! Legendary sounds, from pioneers to the hottest up and coming talent. This collaboration between 2 of Baltimore’s musical titans will definitely make waves!” Ceasar adds, “This partnership brings the best of Baltimore’s dance worlds together. “Things Happen At Night” will break down walls and introduce the world to the Baltimore Movement.”

With “Things Happen At Night”, which features 6 club pumping tracks, the Ultra Naté and Unruly collaboration has come to together in a definitive way. The highly-anticipated project includes “Hey DJ” and “Hero,” which features DJ Class and the legendary Jocelyn Brown, a state of the dancefloor re-working of Ultra’s timeless classic, “Scandal” by DJ Scottie B and the hook laced and mesmerizing “Faster Faster Pussycat” (co-written, co-produced with Chris Willis – of hitmaker David Guetta’s camp) with its accompanying video by revered visual artist Bec Stupak (Cazwell’s “I Seen Beyoncé At Burger King”) . Ultra says, “We’re bringing the best of what we’re known for and carving out our own niche once again. We’re representing our roots and our own personal style. We’re not defined by any rules…at the end of the day it’s all about the music

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